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Catherine Turocy

Catherine Turocy

La Danse by Adolphe -William Bouguereau reflects the importance of dance in French culture.  His portrait of Mademoiselle Martha Hoskier hangs in the museum at Santa Barbara. She is beautifully dressed in the painting and one wonders what she must have looked like while dancing.  Join our faculty and students from the Santa Barbara Historical Dance Weekend Plus as we dance our way through time, linking the eras of the dances and the paintings to give a more physical understanding of the shared aesthetics between popular and high culture.


This free event offered at noon is co-sponsored by the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the New York Baroque Dance Company funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. DIRECTIONS

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Sarah Edgar and Justin Coates

Thank you dancers and photographers Amitiva Sarkar, Stefan Gloede, Courtlyn Hanson and Zachary Wu

Caroline and Terry at Operation Sail in Norfolk, Virginia

Olsi Gjeci

Carly Fox

Gregory Youdan and Olsi Gjeci

Gregory Youdan and Meggi Sweeney Smith

Glenda Norcross and Junichi Fukuda

Combattimento with Matthew Buffalo and Alexis Silver

Ballo delle Ingrate

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Catherine Turocy was the co-director and choreographer for an interdisciplinary project at Indiana University which resulted in two performances of “Lully, Glory Without Love?”  Mace Perlman, co-director and author of the spoken dialogue, performed in the production, drawing from his gifts as actor and mime.  Conceived by Allison Calhoun and conducted by Nigel North, the project was a huge success.  Catherine is grateful to Sarah Edgar for assisting her in teaching and coaching the dancers from the Ballet Department who donned Baroque costumes for the first time and performed in both noble and grotesque dances.  Here is the review link with the complete names of the artists: http://blogs.music.indiana.edu/choral/2012/04/25/review-baroque-orchestra-pro-arte-singers-dancers-magically-tell-lullys-story/

photos taken by Sung Lee

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