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Our Dance of the Month on June 4, 2016 from 3-5pm at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn will be  “The Submission” from 1717 with choreography by Kellom Tomlinson. Described as being danced by The French Children, it begins with a slow triple meter, shifts into a minuet (characterized by Tomlinson as a brisk dance) and ends in a Rigaudon.  We intend to get through the first and possibly second sections of the dance. Leah Nelson is playing violin and Carly Fox of the NYBDC, who first worked on this dance with former NYBDC member Ken Pierce in one of his workshops, has seduced an unknown dancer into submission so to speak and they will show the class their interpretation of this beautiful notation.

1717 is also the year of Alexander Pope’s final version of his mock-epic poem, “Rape of the Lock.”  Our dance, “the Submission,” was described as “a new ball dance to be had at the author’s lodgings,” and was being sold by Tomlinson first in 1717. Perhaps we can imagine Pope and his circle either dancing or being entertained by watching this dance at social gatherings at Hampton Court.

The world premiere of a contemporary opera by Deborah Mason, Rape of the Lock, will be presented in an Open Rehearsal on June 6th and then  in performance June 8th and June 9th at Roulette in Brooklyn. This opera was reviewed by New York Times critic, John Rockwell, during its infant stages (not yet completed) at a City Opera series and he said”  “The Rape of the Lock,” a work in progress … offered her adaptation of Pope’s text clothed in wonderfully lush, intricate and contrapuntally energetic music. For me, she was the most pleasant surprise of the series.”

He is right! Do not miss this exciting premiere with semi-staging by Catherine Turocy and filmed projections of movement scapes and choreography by Caroline Copeland for NYBDC members Carly Fox Horton, Meggi Sweeney Smith and Alexis Silver. 

The opera was chosen by New York Opera Fest to launch their new opera festival!



SEAN FALLEN, Tenor (Ariel)
JUSTIN RYAN, Baritone (Baron)
KEITH HARRIS, Baritone (Sir Plume)
JACQUELINE HORNER-KWIATEK, Mezzo Soprano (Clarissa, Eloisa)
ERIKA PERSON, Mezzo (Crispissa)
CHELSEA FRIEDLANDER, Soprano (Zephyretta)

For more information and tickets,

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The Santa Barbara Historical Dance Workshop Young Student Scholarship

Alexis Simentales

Outside of being a full time student at Santa Barbara City College, Alexis works at Hillside House and volunteers her time at both the Cottage Hospital and the Public Health Department. Dance is a part of her culture and as a native of Santa Barbara she wishes to share her love of dance through her performances with the Spirit of Fiesta.  The Spanish Baroque Intensive will deepen her understanding of where the dances of fiesta originate. She hopes one day to serve in the health field and to give back to the community.




Vandervoort-Palencia Wedding Announcement Photo

The Santa Barbara Historical Dance Work/Study Scholarship

Thea Palencia

A dance educator dedicated to bringing dance into California history class curriculum, Thea began her journey with a dance research project while still in college: The Dances of Early California in Santa Barbara. (Marisol Cabrera, also a scholarship recipient, participated in this project as a teenager.)

We are including a link to an essay about this project which sheds light on the early local history of some of the dances we will be studying with Ana Yepes in our intensive. We are happy Thea will be joining us and she has expressed an interest in sharing with other teachers her approach to bringing dance history into public education.

Thea is pictured here with her husband, Boris Palencia.

Thea Vandervoort essay on early California dances


The Shirley Wynne Memorial Scholarship

Marisol Cabrera

Marisol_Escuela Bolerabegan her dance training in Santa Barbara, California in the styles of Classical Spanish dance, Flamenco, Baroque, Ballet and Mexican Folklorico. After graduating from UCLA with a B.A. in World Arts in Cultures, Marisol lived in Madrid, Spain for three years receiving her credentials in Danza Española and Flamenco. She has performed in London, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, and Hong Kong.  Since moving to New York City, Marisol has received her M.A. from NYU in Arts Education from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. She is a guest choreographer and performing artist with Company XIV, Siren Baroque and the Juilliard Dance Department. Marisol is currently on faculty at The Ballet Hispanico School of Dance teaching Spanish and Flamenco to young dancers. She is thrilled to be back in Santa Barbara performing and participating in this year’s Historical Dance workshop.

Rachel List. Photo by Julie Lemberger

Rachel List. Photo by Julie Lemberger

Thank you National Endowment for the Arts for supporting our workshop with guest artist Ana Yepes in Santa Barbara, California.  NYBDC members Rachel List, Caroline Copeland, Ani Udovicki, Justin Coates and Catherine Turocy are attending and are thrilled to have the opportunity to advance their knowledge of the Spanish style.  The NEA grant allows us to share our own deeper exploration of this time period beyond the needs of our own company and to the dancers of Santa Barbara and those attending from other regions of the United States. A special master class will be held in Dallas, Texas on June 18th from 2-4pm. (email marci.hall@outlook.com to sign up)



Special class by Ana Yepes!
Discover the roots of Flamenco in Spanish Baroque Dance with a special emphasis on Castantets.  Daughter of guitarist, Narciso Yepes, and celebrated international dancer in her own right, Ana Yepes  will be making her debut appearance in Texas June 18th. Learn from this master teacher and enrich your own performance and teaching. Dancers 13 years old and up are welcome. If you do not play the castanets, do not worry, there is still plenty to learn!

image1 Sponsored by the 2016 Dallas Flamenco Festival, this “one time only” class will take place at Flamenco DNA.   www.FlamencoDNA.com

Address: 4414 Rusk Ave. 75204
Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $45  Reserve your place now before the spaces are taken. Class size is limited to 15 students. Pay Here
For more information contact Marci Hall at
9727717279 or marci.hall@outlook.com

Ana has been brought to Dallas by The New York Baroque Dance Company.  After Dallas she will continue on to Santa Barbara …


Everywhere and Forever, Mahler’s Song of the Earth is a documentary film by Jason Starr.  Winner of the 2016 Whitehead International Film Festival Award for Outstanding Achievement, this film is continuing its Festival tour.

Video Trailer

film festival mahler

Catherine Turocy of  The New York Baroque Dance Company was the movement director and production designer for the dramatized sequences portraying poetic episodes of the film referring to the Tang Dynasty.  For more information and to buy the DVD lease visit the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Everywhere-and-Forever-Mahlers-Song-of-the-Earth-367381030113746/

 April 12, 2016 Associate Director Caroline Copeland at Alice Tully Hall with Juilliard


Caroline as Terpsichore, Potsdam

Joining Juilliard415 will be our Associate Director, Caroline Copeland,  with former NYBDC member Carlos Fittante and current NYBDC members Alexis Silver, and Andrew Trego, in period choreography reconstructed by Caroline Copeland and Carlos Fittante, and students from Juilliard Dance. Tickets are $20 and now only available at the box office.


April 15, 2016  Artistic Director Catherine Turocy at Temple

Catherine Turocy will be lecturing for the theater, dance and opera students at Temple University in Philadelphia and conducting a master class. Here is an example of  one her lectures:


April 15,  Associate Director Sarah Edgar at Haymarket Gala in Chicago

Join our Associate Director, Sarah Edgar at the Haymarket Opera Musical Feast: http://www.haymarketopera.org/musical-feast/

and in May, see Sarah’s stage direction for Cavalli’s La Calisto!Sarah and CC relaxing


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Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne _Dutch painter_ 1589-1662__ Winter 1625

Skate Down to Brooklyn for Dance of the Month February 6th with Catherine Turocy, 3-5pm at Mark Morris Dance Center
Winter is a great time for learning new things. Also, this is the last weekend of Carnival Season and a last chance to prepare for Mardi Gras on Tuesday.  How would Moliere have entertained Monsieur Jourdain? This class is open to professional dancers, teachers, students, musicians, singers, actors and dance enthusiasts. Ages 13 and up are welcome to join us.  Catherine will teach excerpts from Spanish airs with music of Lully from “Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” of Moliere within the context of Mardi Gras. Bring your own mask or wear one of ours and learn phrases from the celebrated sarabande. Currently there is heated debate about tempo which should keep us warm.

Click for location and more info on future classes for Dance of the Month.