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ingredients-uncut-for-webWe are all looking forward to Guest Artist Alan Jones teaching at our workshop this year!  He begins with his special one-day intensive Of Banquets and Balls looking at an 18th century cookbook where the recipes are set to dance music popular at the time.  The dances in the book are familiar to historical dancers and the one we will be exploring this year is published with more than one choreography, L’Aimable Vainqueur. 18th century copies of this dance were circulated all over Europe and the colonies.  The recipe for this dance is a mussel base broth. Mussels are in the news in Santa Barbara this year: Flexing Muscles Over Mussels


Alan will also be lecturing about the 18th century cookbook and the dances referenced in the recipes.

Going into the late 18th century and early 19th century ballet repertoire, Alan will teach an unknown ballet never seen in the United States, the Pas de Terpsichore.  Click this link if you missed our earlier posting on this Be a Part of History…

Terpsichore by Antonio Canova, 1812

Terpsichore by Antonio Canova, 1812

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